Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Weekly Menu #3 for October

It's been a busy week! Between painting, getting sick, and keeping my toddler corralled, I've struggled to stay organized. But I'm finally ready to post—so here we go:

Monday – slow cooker BBQ and grape jelly meatballs with applesauce and chips

We spent the afternoon painting an apartment with friends and had dinner together afterward, so meal prep needed to be quick and simple. These meatballs are super easy—it was really nice to come home and find the meatballs ready and not much else to do before dinner. Admittedly, these are not the healthiest meatballs that the world has ever known….on the other hand, it would be pretty easy to upgrade them by using sugar-free jelly and BBQ sauce. As for the meatballs themselves, you could always make them from scratch ahead of time—it just takes a little extra planning. The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook has some great meatball recipes, and of course you can always check Pinterest.

Tuesday – taco lettuce wraps

These are just as good as regular tacos, but easier! If you prefer foods made from scratch, you know the difference in quality between “real food” and processed foods. The downside to making everything from scratch is that it usually takes longer. The health and yum factors make it worthwhile, but sometimes you just want something quick and easy, without all the extra steps. By replacing the taco shells with Romaine or iceberg lettuce, you eliminate the work of making the taco shells. And of course if you're cutting back on carbs, it's also helpful in that regard.

Here is the recipe. Doesn't it look amazing? I skipped the sauce, but followed the basic idea. This is definitely a recipe I will use again.

Wednesday – stuffed bell peppers

These are always filling and delicious. I usually stuff the peppers with rice, veggies, and beef, but I think I might try fish instead of beef this time...white fish pretty much goes with anything, so I don't expect any weird flavors.

Also, you can fit a lot inside a bell pepper – no need to slave away in the kitchen making extra side dishes. ;) I'll probably spoon out a little applesauce for Dean, though. There's no way he going to eat a single bite of bell pepper—he can just have applesauce and some of the fish/rice mixture instead. 

I don't usually follow a specific recipe for stuffed peppers--I just stuff and bake 'em. But if you want a good basic recipe to follow, this one looks delicious. 

Thursday – twice baked cauliflower

Take a peek at this recipe. Doesn't it look good? I haven't made it before, but I have high hopes for it. Cauliflower is one of the few vegetables my toddler will eat. Besides, there's cheese. And BACON. Who doesn't like bacon? (I love bacon. Don't you like bacon? Are you telling me you don't like bacon? No, you're reasonable, of course you like bacon. Everyone likes bacon. ;))

Friday – chicken with poblanos and cream
I just found this recipe off Low Carb Maven – and to me, gotta admit, it looks like manna from heaven. I love chicken. I love peppers. And I love cream-based sauces. Only problem is, the hubby does not like spicy peppers...poblanos aren't that spicy, but still suspect. So I'll probably replace them with a green bell pepper...and make myself a separate dish with the poblanos. ;)

Saturday – pizza night!
I don't have any pepperoni on hand, so we'll probably settle for a cheese pizza...might add some kale and kalamata olives on mine. This is the recipe I use for pizza dough. 

Sunday – leftovers
Leftover pizza, that is. :)

That's the menu for this week! And now I'm off to work on next week's menu... :)

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