Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Our Visit to Jim Thorpe

Well, hello! I meant to post yesterday, but yesterday was rather busy. We drove up to Jim Thorpe, PA this weekend to celebrate our third-year anniversary, and we didn't get back until last night. After a long day of chatting, sightseeing, walking, and driving, we didn't feel like using any more brain cells than we could help. So instead of blogging or reading, we popped the chunk into bed and watched a Frank Capra movie!


Anyway, we had a lot of fun. Jim Thorpe is a gorgeous little town right in the Pocono Mountains, complete with breathtaking scenery, quaint shops, and some VERY steep hills. We arrived in the middle of a fall festival, so the town was pretty crowded that first day, but we had a blast just walking up and down the main streets, enjoying the autumn d├ęcor and live musicians posted at regular intervals along the street. The town dressed up for fall with pumpkins, corn shocks, and Halloween decorations everywhere. Skeletons seemed especially prominent!

The Mauch Chunk Opera House

St Mark's and St. John's Episcopal Church

Inside the church

After walking around some and deciding not to tour the jail (too busy), we explored St. Mark's and St. John's Episcopal Church instead and had lunch at the Stone Row Pub & Eatery.

When we checked in to the Hillcrest B&B after lunch, we had the chance to chat with our hostess, cuddle with the dog, and sip a little red wine before rushing off to catch the train. What a blast! If we ever go back, we're definitely riding on the train again. Loved the scenery, loved the feel of the train chugging along, loved the mountain peaks hidden in the mist...it felt a little like riding on the Hogwarts Express in some isolated area of Scotland! My only complaint is that the ride ended too quickly. It lasted forty-five minutes, but it felt like fifteen. 

At the train station

A handsome Englishman I met on the train. ;)

After wrapping up dinner at the Broadway Grille & Pub, we crashed for the night. Our stay at the B&B was very comfortable and relaxing. The room was furnished with a four-poster, a small electric fire, antique table and chairs, books and magazines, tea, coffee, hot cocoa, and dark chocolate...it doesn't get much better than that. ;) We spent the evening reading, talking, and enjoying the goodies provided. For me, that is one of the highlights of the whole trip...just relaxing with some magazines after a fun but long day of walking and sightseeing. 

In the parlor at the B&B


By the way, if you ever stay overnight in Jim Thorpe, PA, I do recommend staying at the Hillcrest B&B. They had some of the lowest rates we could find, our host & hostess were gracious and hospitable, and the house was beautiful....very English. (Which is fitting, since the couple running it are British and planning to move back to England at some point.) Our hostess served us a traditional English breakfast, complete with watermelon (first course) and (second course) bacon, eggs on toast, sausage, tomato, and mushrooms, all cooked in the skillet, and washed down with tea. She refrained from serving us blood pudding, correctly assuming that her American guests would be too squeamish to try it!

On the second day we spent the morning chatting with our host and hostess before touring the Asa Packer mansion. It is a gorgeous home, with elegant furniture, expensive decor, and historical significance...but I think my favorite bit was the cross-eyed painting of Sarah Packer, which was designed so that the eyes are fixed on you no matter where you are standing in the room (!). I know that's slightly pathetic...and for the record, I did thoroughly enjoy the house and grounds...but that painting really stood out to me. :P

Anyway, that pretty much sums up the tour. We grabbed a coffee then headed back to Lancaster to retrieve Dean from his Grammy's house and hit the hay. My favorite moment of the day--of the whole week--happened when we walked in the door. Dean saw us, grinned, and said happily, "Mommy!"

Gotta love that. <3

Well, more to come soon! I intended to post a weekly menu on Monday, but it was too much on top of everything else. I'm planning to wrap that up tomorrow and post it sometime in the afternoon.

Have a lovely evening. :)


  1. I'm so glad you had a good time, Crista! The train ride sounds delightful! :D

  2. Thank you, Miss March! It was a blast. :)