Saturday, October 1, 2016

heading in a new direction

I'm thinking about taking this blog in a new direction.

In my first post, here's what I wrote:

I started this blog for a number of reasons – to record moments I want to share with those I love, chat with friends and family, meet new like-minded people, get something down on "paper" when I'm struggling with writer's block, journal my creative projects, and hopefully just have fun. I hope you have fun reading my blog, too, and I'd love to hear from you!

I still want to do all of that – but I'd like to give the blog a new focus. Normally, I just post a few pictures and some scattered updates on Dean, the chickens, the garden, etc. Not terribly interesting (except for Dean, of course! Dean is always interesting!!). I need to be a little more serious about writing on a regular basis, and for that I need a topic.

Well, I think I've found one. After a lot of thinking and planning, I've decided to try focusing primarily on my culinary and homemaking/mommy projects. Those are two of my main interests right now. I enjoy cooking, baking, drooling over home décor projects (thanks, Pinterest), interacting with my precious two year old, and creating a home for my family. I'd love to improve my skills and know-how by researching and writing about these topics for the blog. Of course, I will also include pictures and family updates—how could I not post a few pictures of that chubby face and big blue eyes every once in a while?

(Too cute to shoot, that kid.)

So, my basic idea is to post 2-3 times a week according to a set category. E.g., menu plans one day, a recipe the next, a home décor or kiddie project the next. Feel free to shoot me ideas or suggestions! I have a long list of ideas to keep me going for a good while, but I'd love to get a feel for what you are interested in, too.

Well, it's getting late! I'm cutting this a little short, I know, but tomorrow is a big day and there is still much to do...we are celebrating our third anniversary tomorrow by taking a short vacation to Jim Thorpe, PA. We've planned to visit a mansion...take a train ride...explore a so-called haunted jail. It is going to be so fun! I'll definitely post some pictures when we get back. :)

And so, goodnight. Sleep tight. Don't let the frostbite bite. ;)

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