Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Time to Get Back on Track...

Wow. It's been a while since I last posted here! Life has been a bit crazy in our household. First of all, Dean managed to derail his sleeping schedule. For the past few weeks, he has been getting up at 5am every day instead of 7am, like he used to. Then for a while he decided he didn't believe in naps anymore—it was a thing of the past. He would weep and wail and howl most piteously (not to mention, angrily) when we put him down at naptime. So of course I would check on him, try to calm him down, etc---but it never worked. Eventually we had to let him “cry it out” (we still kept our eyes on him, of course!).

It was a rough few days, but fortunately, it worked. And I think I've learned my lesson—keep Baby on schedule, or reap the consequences! What happened was totally my fault, not Dean's. Anyway, we're both a lot happier now that he's content to take naps again. And these past couple mornings he's been getting up at 6-7am, which is awesome. I don't know if he's actually back on track or if it's a fluke, but I have to say, it was simply marvelous getting up early this morning and having time to do devotions before Dean woke up! Now I have time to work on this blog post! :)

We also are recovering from a tidal wave of sickness—which, miraculously, did not affect Dean, but bowled me over completely. In addition to a cold, it brought on pink-eye and a simply marvelous earache.

Anyway, that, coupled with Dean's screwed up sleeping schedule, put an end to my blogging for a while. It's hard to sit at the computer and type when a bored, cooped-up baby keeps pulling on your arm, begging you to read him yet another book. With all this snow and my Durango in the shop, we can't really get out of the house, either!

So anyway, those are my excuses. I hope I am forgiven.

Time to get back on track!

Unfortunately, I am not as organized as I hoped I would be when it comes to New Years Resolutions. I do have a few resolutions for February, but I'm not going to include all the categories I mentioned in my last post. That said, here are my resolutions for February:

> purchase some of the main ingredients for and start testing recipes from the Trim Healthy Mama book
> come up with a list of quick, easy, healthy lunches and breakfasts for Andrew to take to work
> by the end of February, come up with at least a couple weekly meal plans
> walk daily (exception—snow/wind); Pilates daily
> write everyday—even if only for a few minutes
> practice piano—learn a new song!
> work on Dean's book

I've been reading Trim Healthy Mama and am pretty excited at this point to start their weight-loss plan. (Not that I'm uber-fat, but I would like to lose a few pounds.) It seems a very healthy, balanced, and “doable” approach, and the recipes sound delicious. As long as you follow their guidelines, you can enjoy some pretty decadent desserts along the way, too… (CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

In other news, I've decided to self-publish a poem I wrote for Dean last year. For the next few months, I am going to practice drawing the types of objects/creatures/people that appear in the poem. Then I'll illustrate the story, put it in book format, have it printed, and give it to Dean on his second birthday in June. :) :)

Anyway, I think that's all for now. I need to wrap this up before Dean wakes. But first, some pictures:

Out for a stroll

cutie pie ;)

Eating a cookie and surveying his field of books...


Reading again...because that's what boogies do!

In the pool with Daddy

...with Mommy

"I'd like a large pepperoni, please..." By the way, look at that chub! I think that diaper is little small!


On an Adventure...

Napping with Daddy

Sleeeeeepy.... :)