Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Business of Being Dean

Presenting the ever-quotable Dean! Enjoy.... :)

"It all right" (patting Andrew's arm)-- "It all right. You listen—I with you."

"Caterpillars are nice. They pet people" (stroking his tummy) "they like people."

"STOP, pants!" (Dean frustrated because his too-short pants wouldn't cover his ankles)

"I had another one in my tummy!" (Dean afflicted with hiccups)

"[Spiderman] hits the bad guys and they fall into the water. He saves people. He eats with people at Grammy and Papa's. He eats bread, and dough—cookie dough—and toast."

"When it" (the moldy onion on the table that Mommy explained wouldn't be good to eat) "gets better, I can eat it. You can eat it. Daddy can eat it. Spiderman can eat it."

"I'm going to go into my hiding place and poop."

"Thank you for the food...thank you for Mommy...thank you for Daddy...thank you for me...thank you for the cup...thank you for the table...um...thank you for the thingy...thank you for Mommy and Daddy...thank you for the something...thank you for this" (patting his cup) "....thank you for the chairs....Amen." (Dean praying)

"BAD Mr. Frumble. Push him in with the cucumbers and cook him." (Dean indignant with a pig who creates mayhem in the grocery store while chasing his runaway hat)

"Good bye, and thank you Dr. Bones!" (another Richard Scarry quote)

(Dean trying to explain to his aunt that yes, he does have a driver's license) "I have license. Look, I have arms coming out [of sleeves]. I have arms to turn [the wheel]."

"You a bad guy. You eat people all up. With toast. And bacon. And eggs. (pause) And potatoes."

"I a bad guy. I pour water on my eggs." (Mommy explains Dean is not a bad guy and he shouldn't pour water on his eggs.) "I not a bad guy. Bad guys pour water on their eggs. I don't pour water on my eggs."


  1. Hahaha. Oh my word. This post is awesome!! :D Thanks so much for sharing some of Dean's funny sayings! They are excessively diverting.

    Honestly though, he is HILARIOUS! And he's talking so much now. Wow. Where has the time gone?

    Love what he said about his hiccups. Haha. That is so cute! And his references to Spider Man. *grin* Also, "thank you for the thingy...thank you for the something..." Where does he come up with this stuff?!! :D

  2. Haha. Thank you, Miss March! Dean cracks me up all the time...he's always saying something funny, or quoting his books, or making goofy faces at me to make me laugh. It's a joy to share his funny sayings with someone who enjoys them--I certainly enjoy talking about them. :P

  3. Awww, this is both adorable and hysterical! (Hi! I found your blog from your comment on Miss March's post. :))

  4. Glad you enjoyed it, Natalie!

    By the way, I just saw your comment. I'm not nearly as diligent or faithful a blogger as Miss March, I'm afraid. :P

    1. I did, thanks! :)

      Oh, no problem! It takes me AGES to respond to comments sometimes, and your reply only took a few days. :)